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Zircotec high temperature coatings ceramic coatings engine exhaust and manifold coatings.
When this molten ceramic hits the cold component surface it immediately solidifies and welds itself in place producing a very firmly attached ceramic coating. Our ceramic coating must be applied by Zircotec. It is simply not a paint! Can I apply the coating myself at home or in my own workshop? Our coatings can only be applied using Zircotec highly specialist plant and equipment and involve our own proprietary processes and materials. Our coatings can only be applied by Zircotec. How thick is your ceramic coating? Our coating has a thickness of 0.3mm 012 i.e. more than ten times the normal thickness of a paint.
Spray-on ceramic coating dramatically reduces external temperatures.
Researchers discover new property of light with a twist. Automotive Spray-on ceramic coating dramatically reduces external temperatures. Mike Hanlon December 18 2006. December 19 2006 A high-technology ceramic coating originally developed for the nuclear industry and already used by five Formula One teams is now available for automotive applications. Applied to the exhaust manifold using a high-temperature plasma spray the Zircotec coating greatly reduces the release of heat helping to protect the finish of the manifold the engine and other components in the engine bay. The coating can also be applied to turbo housings cam covers heat shields and other metal components.
Performance Colours a ceramic coating range that delivers the ultimate in thermal barrier performance and attractive finishes for motorsport and performance applications.
With similar levels of performance to our Performance White TM exhaust coating but with a surface finish that is robust and easily maintained we have called this our Performance Colours TM Range of ceramic coating. Our coloured ceramic coating range offers the following benefits. A robust fit-and-forget coating It is in effect welded to the substrate using our proprietary metal bond system eliminating the need for exhaust wrap protecting against corrosion and so continuing to perform and look good. Choice of colours with a surface finish and texture that is robust sealed and easily maintained. Ultra high level of thermal performance this ceramic coating is suitable for applications of up to 900 o C 1650 o F.
Jet-Hot High Performance Coatings.
We got started in the early 1980s solving metal corrosion and thermal management problems for the military. Jet-Hot first earned its wings on jet-fighter engines and submarine parts subjected to high temperatures cyclical stress loads and corrosive environments. We supplied proprietary coatings used to protect parts on aircraft carrier launch systems for the U.S. Navy and armored vehicles for the U.S. Gaining momentum from grassroots brand support in the 1990s Jet-Hot became the only coating company to support racers on the track.
Thermal barrier coating Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.
Thermal barrier coatings typically consist of four layers the metal substrate metallic bond coat thermally grown oxide TGO and ceramic topcoat. The ceramic topcoat is typically composed of yttria-stabilized zirconia YSZ which is desirable for having very low conductivity while remaining stable at nominal operating temperatures typically seen in applications. This ceramic layer creates the largest thermal gradient of the TBC and keeps the lower layers at a lower temperature than the surface. However above 1200 C YSZ suffers from unfavorable phase transformations going from t'-tetragonal to tetragonal to cubic to monoclinic. Such phase transformations lead to crack formation within the top coating.
Ceramic Coatings for Metal Parts.
Ceramic materials such as magnesium zirconate and zirconia exhibiting a high level of hardness thermal resistance and elevated melting points are being used as heat barrier coatings for industrial parts. Applying a ceramic coating to a substrate is multi-stage process. The preparatory phases of cleaning roughening and undercoating or priming greatly influence the success of the project. The actual coating effectiveness depends largely on the mechanical chemical and physical bonds that determine the coating adherence and ultimate strength of the ceramic layer. Aside from chemical vapor deposition the most common ceramic coating methods include. Plasma Spraying In plasma spraying ceramic powder is passed through an ionized gas at extremely high temperatures sometimes approaching 30000 degrees F.
The Zircotec Ceramic Coating Process showing how our ceramic exhaust coating is applied YouTube.
This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Sep 20 2012. Behind the scenes at Zircotec showing how its ceramic coating is applied as an exhaust coating manifold coating and turbocharger coating to deliver Zircotec's high thermal barrier performance high quality and attractive finish. Show more Show less. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled a suggested video will automatically play next. do it yourself ceramic coating on your exhaust Duration 805. justin macnevin 141553 views. Cerakote High Temperature Ceramic Coating Application Video Duration 459. DIY Powder Coating Duration 709. Jesse Sutton 1090821 views.
Zircotec high performance heat management for automotive and motorsport.
Aerospace Defence We are increasingly being asked to supply performance coatings for aerospace defence applications. Other Industrial We supply to numerous other industries spanning oil gas power generation nuclear materials handling and more. We have developed a range of ultra high performance plasma-sprayed ceramic coatings to protect components from the effects of fire heat wear abrasion and corrosion. Our ceramic coating is highly effective when used on engine exhaust system components including exhaust manifolds exhaust headers cat boxes turbochargers and tail pipes helping to protect sensitive components from the effects of heat. As an exhaust coating they reduce underbonnet temperatures increase engine performance help solve engine packaging issues and improve engine compartment safety.

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